Attention To The Operation Of Hot Air Stenter

The Hot Air Stenter is mainly used for embossing, foaming, creasing, and trademarking on various fabrics, as well as embossing trademarks on non-woven fabrics, coatings, human leather, paper, aluminum plates, artificial leather patterns and various Deep shades and patterns. (1) Before working, first check the switches that control the rise of the workbench, and check whether […]

Precautions For The Use Of Hot Air Stenter

    Generally, the screen printing plate made by an Open Type Rotary Screen Printer must be dried with a hair dryer and placed in the sun for a few hours.     Before using the silk screen, first check whether the patterns and fonts in the silk screen are clear. If there are some small spots around […]

How To Use Hot Air Stenter

How to use the open rotary screen printing machine      The Hot Air Stenter  is prone to failures during printing, some of which are unilateral reasons, but more are intricate reasons, so the operator of the open rotary screen printing machine should pay special attention to the causes of failures in order to take corresponding measures […]

Introduction Of Maintenance Skills Of Flat Screen Printer Factory

The failure of the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine not only affects our production, but also brings losses to our economy. How to solve it when there is a failure, and it is definitely impossible to throw the doctor in trouble, licehng printing and dyeing equipment The factory takes you to know the tips of […]

Introduction Of Different Hot Air Stenter Tracks

The track of the hot air tenter is accurately controlled by the upper needle of the fabric. The cloth support device ensures that the fabric has low tension to prevent scratches from entering the oven at the same time. It can be equipped with a fabric slurry edge device and a steam humidification device to […]

Flat Screen Printer Factory Caters To Social Progress

With the continuous progress of society, continuous innovation. Coupled with the lack of talents, many Flat Screen Printer Factory face some labor and talent problems, which has hindered the company’s operation and greatly increased the difficulty of production. In order to cater to the progress of this society, we must constantly adapt. With regard to the […]

Problem Solving Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer

1. Working principle of Open Type Rotary Screen Printer Screen printing is to transfer the pattern LOGO trademark to the product through the stamping method through the silk printing steel plate and the silk printing rubber head. Using the principle of imaging, the pattern to be printed is etched on the steel plate, and then on […]

Introduction To Open Type Rotary Screen Printer

    In order to reduce the warp shrinkage rate of the fabric during the operation of the hot-air tenter, the stability of its fabric size will be reduced. Situation. The Hot Air Stenter adopts the water spray treatment method for the treatment of exhaust gas components in the early stage, but the effect is not very […]

Precautions For The Use Of Hot Air Stenter

From an atomic point of view: all neutral materials, such as plastics, paper and other insulators, that is, each molecule contains a positively charged nucleus and a surrounding negatively charged electron cloud. When the material is separated by friction and contact, the insulating material The electrons will dissipate to the surface of the material. For […]

Adjustment Method Of Flat Screen Printing Machine

  Squeegee speed adjustment.   Using the adjusting handle of the stepless speed change device, the size of the entire working cycle can be adjusted. Ensure the speed of each link is the same. Each kind of adjustment is equipped with a corresponding locking mechanism, and the printing operation of the doctor blade must be carried out […]